What is CAPS about?


Water is integral to our way of life, from our beautiful beaches and waterways to the local community pool, with us often underestimating the power it can have.

For all of us at Surrey Park Swimming the vision of our forebears who 100 years ago sat on the cliffs of Surrey Dive dreaming of how that water hole could be at the centre of the community. Life remains as true today as it was then.

We are constantly asking ourselves how we can best engage our community, how we can best give back and share our sense that water is a source of enjoyment and not something to be feared. We want to empower individuals to not only approach and be confident in the water, but to also experience the joy and self-fulfillment that it can bring.

Our Community Access Program for Swimming (CAPS) was born from this vision, subsidising beginner swimming lessons for newly arrived migrants, students with disabilities and financially disadvantaged families.

Did you know that 10 cents from every swim lesson undertaken at Surrey Park Swimming go towards this program

Our Newly Arrived Migrant’s Program


Many migrant communities come to Australia having never seen a beach or pool before. In partnership with AMES Australia, the largest migrant settlement service provider in Australia, we are engaging these communities and offering a program to develop water familiarisation and swimming skills to newly arrived migrants.

This year we have had several designated male and female groups, who were completely new to swimming and swimming centres, come along to learn the basics. Introductions to basic breathing skills, locating pool depth signs, beach and water currents knowledge, general centre orientation, appropriate behaviour, and a basic introduction to swimming strokes were taught to these students. At the completion of this 5 week course, students are offered additional weekly lessons to continue their swimming education. Equal contributions from Surrey Park Swimming and our generous CAPS fund have allowed us to provide a free program to these swimmers.

How Can You Help?

Together we can make a difference to our local community.

A collection container for our CAPS program sits on our counter at the Surrey Park Swimming reception desk. Next time you pass the reception desk or book into one of our programs please give generously.

Donate Now

Our partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation means that donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

If you want more information or have any queries about CAPS please give us a call on 98988876 or drop into our reception and we will happily answer any questions you may have.