Learn to Swim and Dive Term Dates 2021

2021 Dates

Term dates for all learn to swim and dive lessons and swim school squads are listed below.  On public holidays, no lessons run and the Surrey Park Swimming reception desk will be closed, however competitive squads may still train.  Our learn to swim and dive program runs lessons throughout the school holidays. Please see the relevant section below.

School Term
Term One:  27th January 2021 to 1st April 2021
Term Two:  19th April 2021 to 27th June 2021
Term Three: 12th July 2021 to 19th September 2021
Term Four: 4th October 2021 to 19th December 2021

School term information:


Water safety week
This week is devoted to water safety practice and skills. It is one of the most important weeks in the term and introduces students to experiences they might find themselves in outside of lessons. Please bring an old pair of pants and a long sleeve top for your lesson to wear in the pool.

Water safety week dates for 2021:
Term One: 22nd February to 28th February
Term Two: 17th May to 23rd May
Term Three: 9th August to 15th August
Term Four: 8th November to 14th November

Re-enrolment period
This is the priority booking period for current students to re-enrol.

Re-enrolment dates for 2021/22:
Term Two 2021: 15th March to 1st April
Term Three 2021: 7th June to 27th June
Term Four 2021: 30th August to 19th September
Term One 2022: 29th November to 19th December

New student bookings
If you are a returning or new student, bookings for the following term open on the first day of the school holidays.

Holiday Program Dates 2021/22 and information:


Holiday programs are an intensive week of lessons. Two weeks of a holiday program is the equivalent of a term of swimming/diving lessons, so are a great way to partake in swimming or diving lessons if the school terms are busy with other activities.

Holiday Program bookings open in water safety week.
They are run every week of the school holidays, excluding the end of Term 4 to New Year’s day period.

School Holiday Program Dates 2021:
Easter Holidays
Week One: 6th April to 9th April,   Week Two: 12th April to 16th April
Winter Holidays
Week One: 28th June to 2nd July,  Week Two: 5th July to 9th July
Spring Holidays
Week One: 20th Sept to 23rd Sept, Week Two: 27th September to 1st October
Summer Holidays 2021
Week One: 4th January to 7th January, Week Two: 10th January to 14th January, Week Three: 17th January to 21st January

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