Our Coaches

Ian Pope

Director of Coaching

Primary squad: Open High-Performance, Target 2020 and Target 2024 Squads


Ian Pope is a very experienced and highly regarded Platinum level coach.

Prior to starting in this role at Surrey Park, Ian was Head Coach of Melbourne Vicentre for 16 years. Over this time he developed Vicentre to best placed Club at Australian Age and Open Championships.

Ian has been selected as Victorian Coach of the Year thirteen times. He has coached over fifty Olympic and World Championships team members including Matt Welsh, Giaan Rooney, Michael Klim, Grant Hackett, Marieke Guehrer, Kotuki Ngawati and Daniel Cave.  He has also been selected as an Australian Team Coach for two Olympics and six World Championships.

Ian’s “swimming career” started at Surrey Park in 1983. He progressed from learn to swim instructor to a full time swimming coach. He was the Club’s Head Coach from 1985 to 2001. Over this time Ian developed the Surrey Park program from learn to swim through to National level squads. He was instrumental in building the Club’s competitive program from 40 swimmers in just two lanes to over 200 swimmers at five training locations. In 2001 following the 2000 Olympics Ian moved to Vicentre which was operating out of the then recently opened MSAC facility.

Ian has a strong record in building successful swim schools such as those at Surrey Park and Korowa Anglican Girls School.  He has the knowledge and relationship building skills necessary for developing, improving and expanding learn to swim and competitive swimming programs.

Ian was referenced as being someone who believes learning is a lifetime process and seeks to engage and learn from those around him finding ways in which to improve.

Ian also has a strong record in mentoring and developing the coaches who work alongside him. His vast technical knowledge and experience is a wonderful opportunity for the Surrey Park coaches to develop their skills to the highest level.  Coaches that have previously worked with Ian are now having their own success recognised nationally and internationally.

Justin Bell

Age High-Performance Coach

Primary Squad: Target 2020 and 2024 Squads


Justin is an experienced Silver Licence Coach and the primary coach of the Club’s Target 2020 and 2024 Squads; he will also assist with the coaching of the Club’s other squads.

Justin spent much of his previous ‘swimming life’ at Surrey Park, initially as a successful swimmer who went on to compete at National level, then as an assistant coach working primarily with the Club’s more Junior State-level swimmers. He is also a member of a 3rd generation Surrey Park family.

Justin’s skills as a coach were recognized outside the Club and the State. Five years ago he was given the opportunity to move to Queensland and broaden his coaching knowledge and experience; also to work with more senior, as well as junior athletes.

During the time in Queensland Justin’s coaching career as a coach has prospered.

Justin was selected as an Australian Team Coach for the Australian Junior Pan Pacs 2018 Team and was the coach of swimmers selected for this team in both 2018 and 2019.

Some of Justin’s other achievements include:

– 16 swimmers competing at 2019 Age Nationals

– A number of National Age Finalists and Medal winners

– Queensland State Teams swimmers selected in 2017 and 2018; State Teams coach in 2017.

– Numerous Queensland State Finalists

– Lead Coach at St Joseph’s College, Brisbane

– National Age Squad Coach of the Rackley Club which finished 4th in Queensland in 2018

Michael Goff

State Junior and State Senior Coach

Primary Squad: State Senior and State Junior Squad


Michael is a Bronze Licenced Coach. He has been involved in sports and fitness programs over the last 10 years.  He also has a Certificate III and IV in Fitness Training. Over the past few years, Michael’s emphasis has been on activation and rehabilitation, particularly in swimming.

Michael is the primary coach of both Surrey Park’s State Senior and State Junior Squads. He also assists with coaching of the Club’s other squads. In addition, he is helping with the development and training of instructors who work in Surrey Park’s learn to swim program.

Michael is actively involved in running the dryland program for the Club’s State and National level swimmers.

Julie-Anne Roberts

State Youth and Youth Development Coach

Primary Squad: State Youth and Youth Development Squad


Julie-Anne is the primary coach of the Club’s Youth Development and State Youth Squads. In addition, she will assist with the coaching of the Club’s other competitive Squads.

Swimming has played a big part in Julie-Anne’s life. She is an experienced Silver Licence coach who previously competed successfully at Australian Open level and trained at the AIS for a year.

Julie-Anne has held a number of swim coaching positions and was an assistant coach at Tigersharks and MLC Aquatic. At Tigersharks, Julie-Anne coached Development, Junior, State and National Age Group level swimmers including several National Age medal winners.

Paddy O'Sullivan

State Development and Junior Coach

Primary Squad: State Development and Junior Squad


Patrick (Paddy) O’Sullivan is a Bronze licenced swim coach who joined Surrey Park’s coaching team in 2018. He was a former State Level swimmer and also a state level water polo player.

Over the last 8 years, Paddy has worked at junior, school and Club level to develop his teaching and coaching skills. He gained his Austswim Qualification and has worked as a Learn to swim instructor for Surrey Park for the last 3 years.

Paddy co-ordinates  Surrey Park’s Junior and Development squad programs. He is also the primary coach of the Club’s State Development, Junior Gold and Junior Green Squads. In addition, Paddy assists with the coaching of the Club’s other competitive squads.

Paddy is also completing a Bachelor of Science degree at Monash, Majoring in Immunology and Genetics with a minor in Psychology.

Anastasia Romero

Junior Coach Squad

Primary Squad: Junior Squads


Anastasia joined Surrey Park’s coaching team in October 2018. She is a former State level swimmer who has been teaching and coaching at the junior squad level for several years and has gained her Bronze Licence qualification.

Anastasia is studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science majoring in both Strength and Conditioning and Applied Sport Science.

Anastasia coaches Surrey Park’s Junior Aqua and Junior Blue Squads.In addition, she assists with sports science, testing and video analysis of the Club’s Performance and Target Squad swimmers  .