Squad swimming is pivotal in your child’s journey, providing fun and social training sessions, stamina building, and improved technique. Stronger swimmers not only find more joy in the water but also navigate aquatic environments with greater safety. Squad training cultivates friendships, enhances school carnival performance, and elevates overall fitness, and benefits fitness and injury prevention in other sports.

Upon completing Level 8, swimmers seamlessly transition to our Junior Squad, focusing on competency development while enjoying club membership privileges such as camps and social events. Our programs cater to diverse interests, from those wanting to participate in any water sport or activity, to recreational swimmers seeking fitness and enjoyment, ensuring there’s an option for everyone.

  • Positive introduction to the sport of swimming
  • Complementary to other sports
  • Best chance of being safer around water
  • Improved stamina, fitness, and strength
  • Social, relaxing, and enjoyable sport



  • Level 7 learn to swim students advance to Level 8/Development Squad, then to our Junior Squad for a comprehensive swimming education
  • Squads enhance freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke proficiency, refining racing skills and survival strokes
  • Ideal for beginner swimmers transitioning to competitive club swimming or recreational pursuits like surfing or river swimming
  • After completion of this level, swimmers are encourage to join our Club program as a Junior swimmer
  • Sessions run every weeknight during the term for 60 minutes


  • Club squad progression is determined by goals, commitment, and ability
  • Starting from Junior squad, swimmers can advance to High Performance level, vying for Australian Swimming Team spots
  • All members can join Club events, meets, and social activities, and train for state and national championships as they progress
  • Sessions run at various times on weekdays and weekends depending on squads during the term and continue during the school holidays


  • Improves technique and fitness, ideal for cross-training or busy schedules
  • Swimmers should be comfortable swimming for 60 minute sessions in the Aqualink Box Hill outdoor 25m pool
  • There are no minimum training requirements for this squad
  • Sessions run Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays for 60 minutes during the term