Joining Surrey Park Swimming Club

Joining or Rejoining Surrey Park

All swimmers who train with Surrey Park Swimming Club’s Squads (Junior through to High Performance Squads) are required to join the Club as a ‘Swimmer’ member each season. The swimming membership season runs from 1st July to 30th June.

Joining the Club involves the completion of an online membership form (or confirmation of details online) and payment of an annual membership fee (as is the case for other sports). The majority of the membership fee goes to Swimming Victoria and Swimming Australia; it includes necessary insurance for when the swimmer is training, competing and participating in other Club activities. It is necessary to be a current financial member to be able to enter competitions online.

CLICK HERE for step by step instructions to assist members to rejoin for Season 2024/25 which starts on 1st July.

Please Note: Swimming Victoria requires all members aged under 18 years to be linked to a financial parent/guardian member (a Dry member).

Any queries about the process for joining or rejoining the Club should be directed to the Club Registrar via (

Joining Surrey Park as a New Member

CLICK HERE for step by step instructions how to join as a new Club member through Swim Central.

CLICK HERE for instructions to assist you to add a new Club member to your Family Group in Swim Central.

Annual Medical and Indemnity Form

It is important Surrey Park Swimming Club has up to date medical and other relevant information for each swimmer to use in relation to activities in which the Club participates.

Families are required to complete a copy of the Club’s Medical and Indemnity Form for their Swimmer member(s) each season.

CLICK HERE to complete a copy of Surrey Park’s 2024/25 Medical and Indemnity Form online.

Parents are also asked to include any relevant medical information under their swimmer’s profile in Commit and to update this as and when required.