Benefits of swimming in Mineral Based Salt Water – it’s like a day spa!

Mineral Salt Water contains trace elements of minerals in the water; similar to the famous mineral water at Hepburn Springs, our water also contains trace elements of Magnesium and Potassium; in fact our mineral levels are typically higher than those found at Hepburn Springs.

If your skin is easily irritated by traditional chlorine only pools, or your child has eczema, allergies, a skin condition, or you just want to reduce your exposure to chemicals, we highly recommend you take swim lessons in our mineral based salt water pool. You will feel the difference as the water has a silky, gentle feeling against your skin with little to no irritation to your eyes.

Some customers say our mineral-based water leaves their skin feeling moisturised, as well as less itchy or tender. You will also find your hair and skin won’t need washing to get rid of that chlorine smell often associated with chlorine only pools.

What’s the difference between a Mineral Salt Water Pool and a regular Salt Water Pool?

Regular salt water pools use Sodium Chloride (table salt) as the salt in the water, the Surrey Park Mineral Salt Water Pool uses a combination of both Potassium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride in the water.

I thought Salt Water Pools don’t use Chlorine?

The Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2009 requires all public pools in Victoria to have a minimum free Chlorine level of 1 mg/l (or 2mg/l of Free Bromine) and a maximum of 8 mg/l (or parts per million).

Saltwater pools don’t require chlorine to be separately added to the water as it electrically converts the pool salt already in the water into the free chlorine in the water to maintain hygiene levels.

What type of sanitation system is used at the Surrey Park Swimming pool?

The primary sanitation system we use is the free chlorine generated from the Mineral Salts, which is constantly at work in the water. We also have a secondary Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) sanitation system which treats the water as it circulates through the plant room.

The AOP system utilizes Ozone gas and Ultraviolet (UV) light to treat the circulating water; it’s able to reduce Chloramines (that can cause eye irritation, asthma, the pool “chlorine smell”, and other health issues), and eliminates bacteria, viruses and protozoa. The system dramatically reduces the demand for chemicals thus practically eliminating chemical odors and irritation.

Benefits of Swimming in Mineral Based Salt Water

Little to no irritation to the eyes
Great for those with skin conditions
Reduced exposure to chemicals
Can leave your skin feeling moisturised
No more smelling of chlorine

Gentle and soothing on the skin

Why we love swimming in Surrey Park’s Mineral Based Salt Water!

Great for those with eczema and skin conditions
Silky smooth water with improved clarity
Fewer chemicals and odours
AOP system kills chlorine resistant micro-organisms

Its peace of mind knowing that i don't have to compromise my child's health for her love of swimming.

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