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March 2020

Target $10,000 – Laps for Life – Helping Young Australians Mental Health

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As part of a club we goal set and push ourselves to dream of what is possible.   The thought borne from one of our senior swimmers has lead our club to get behind March Laps-for-Life. An organisation supporting young Australians mental health.

Our hopes are to raise $10,000 for this important cause and are asking everyone in our community to help us reach our goal.

The Cause
1 in 4 young Australians is currently experiencing a mental health difficulty. But there’s an even bigger problem: 70% of those who need help don’t get it. And, suicide remains the leading cause of death of young Aussies. That means more young people take their own lives each year than die in car accidents.
After friends and family, the internet is the first place young people turn to for information and support. That’s where ReachOut.com comes in.
Every dollar raised through Laps for Life will enable ReachOut to continue providing this vital service so that young people get the support they need to be happy and well. Click HERE to read more

How does it work?
After training sessions our swimmers will be logging the laps they swim on each day of training.

Why Swimming?
Swimming is amazing for your mental health. Whether you’re managing a mental health problem or just looking for a little relaxation, hitting the pool can really help.

How you can help?
Its not too late to join the Surrey Park Team or if you would like to make a donation you have up until the first week in April. Check out the link below for the swimmers participating, if you would like to join them in swimming for this important cause or if you would like to make a donation.  No amount is too small.

To join our team or make a donation click the link HERE