Our Committee’s Role

Surrey Park Swimming Club is an athlete centred, coach driven and parent supported club.

The role of the Committee of Management is to exercise good governance with respect to the strategic and operational requirements of the Club. The Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting and meets on a regular basis, generally once a month or as required, throughout the season.

The Committee of Management is composed of an Executive Committee as well as a General Committee and is supported by various sub-committees such as the Swimming Sub-Committee. This Sub-Committee is involved in the co-ordination of a number of activities including the several full day external swim meets the Club runs, Club Championships, Club Records, and timekeepers at meets run by other Clubs.

The Committee of Management delegates day‐to‐day responsibility for the management and operation of the Club to the General Manager, but remains directly responsible for Volunteer activities and overseeing the General Manager’s performance.

Surrey Park’s Committee of Management for Season 2021/2022 is:


President: Shannon Clarke president@surreypark.org.au

Vice President: Stefan Kursidim vice.president@surreypark.org.au

Treasurer: Lydia Hao treasurer@surreypark.org.au

Secretary: Belinda Burns secretary@surreypark.org.au



Andrea Phillips

Anna Tait

Hamish McDougall

Maaike Vrij

Simone Wendt



Phillip Kong